Excerpt From the Diary of Harry Betts - 1st December 1915 to 24th February 1916

December 1st – Resting, billeted in a house.

December 2nd – Went to the Church.

December 3rd – Drilling (Ceremonial).

December 4th – Trench digging up school.

December 5th – Inspection by the O.C.

December 6th – Field day and nice hot bath.

December 7th – Field day.

December 8th – Attack.

December 9th – Company drill.

December 10th – Trench digging, raining.

December 11th & 12th – Practicing a big attack.

December 13th -16th – Drilling (Ceremonial), attack on 15th.

December 17th – Company drill.

December 18th – Ceremonial drill.

December 19th – Church Parade.

December 20th – Drill and bath.

December 21st – Resting, raining all day.

December 22nd – Field day for the School, Gas Smoke Bombs and etc.

December 23rd – Drilling.

December 24th – Field day (raining).

December 25th – Christmas day, resting.

December 26th – Church Parade.

December 27th – Attack.

December 28th – No parades.

December 29th – Field day.

December 30th – Attack.

December 31st – Field day (bath).

January 1st – Bayonet fighting.

January 2nd – Bomb throwing.

January 3rd – Drill.

January 4th – Attack, Major Saint left for our 4th Battalion.

January 5th – Attack.

January 6th – Field Work.

January 7th – ‘Sniping’ & ‘How they can take cover’.

January 8th – Trench attack for about 100 officers.

January 9th – Inspection by our C.O.

January 10th – Drilling.

January 11th – Drilling.

January 12th – Drilling.

January 13th – Trench bombing.

January 14th – Bayonet fighting.

January 15th – Battalion Parade.

January 16th – Billet Police.

January 17th – Practice putting wire in front of trenches.

January 18th – Raining all day, bath.

January 19th – Digging ourselves in (practice).

January 20th – Bomb throwing.

January 21st – Drilling.

January 22nd – Battalion Parade.

January 23rd – Church Parade, O.C. Inspection.

January 24th – Drilling.

January 25th – Bayonet fighting.

January 26th – Learning how to attack in a wood.

January 27th – Wiring in front of trenches.

January 28th – Trench digging, bath.

January 29th – Bayonet fighting.

January 30th – Church Parade.

January 31st – Bomb throwing.

February 1st – Trench Digging.

February 2nd – Bayonet fighting.

February 3rd – Trench digging.

February 4th – Route march.

February 5th – Drill.

February 6th – Church Parade.

February 7th – Transport Police.

February 8th – Trench digging.

February 9th – Attack = trench digging.

February 10th – Attack = trench digging.

February 11th – Attack, raining all day, baths.

February 12th – Attack in trench for the Officers & NCO’s of the School which the Colonel Kentish of the RIF’s recommends us for.

February 13th – Sunday, no parades.

February 14th – Anniversary of our landing in France, no parades, sports for the Regiment and ‘parties’ ?.

February 15th – Digging ?, in the stores.

February 16th – 20th – In the stores.

February 21st – Drilling (Company).

February 22nd – No Entry.

February 23rd – Route march.

February 24th – Digging in the trenches at Flixe, ?.

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Harry Betts in 1915.

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