14th February 2018 - The Cambridgeshire Regiment Research Trust

Today marks the 103rd anniversary of the 1/1st Battalion, Cambridgeshire Regiment leaving England for the Western Front. This date also coincides with the start of the 4th year of this website and the team behind it have been considering its future. Over the last three years we have added numerous accounts and biographies, many timed to coincide with the 100th anniversaries of the Regiment's key wartime events, and there is certainly a huge amount to add this year to cover the events of 1918. However this website was never meant to just be for the Centenary, the team behind it have each already spent decades researching the Cambs and will continue to do so for many more. There is still a huge amount that we want to add and expand on, so, all being well, updates to the site will continue for many years to come.

With the above in mind the team behind this website has decided to expand on our work and form as the Cambridgeshire Regiment Research Trust. Under this new banner we will continue our ongoing in depth research of both the Cambridgeshire Regiment and all the officers and men who served in it. All our current activities, such as the website, events and talks, will all continue. We will also be expanding on our coverage of the Regiment's forebears and, either through this site or a later second sister site, cover the Regiment's time through to the Second World War and beyond.

As the Cambridgeshire Regiment Research Trust we will continue to provide information on the men who served in the Cambs to the relatives and researchers who contact us. We will also be looking to develop on our existing relationships with local museums and organisations with the aim of safeguarding the story of the men of the Cambridgeshires in this county. Our proactive and in depth approach to researching the Regiment and collating the details of the individual lives, bravery and sacrifice of the Cambridgeshires will hopefully mean their story can be accurately told for generations to come.

Finally we would like to thank all the relatives and people that have contacted us, especially those with information and images - we hope the details we have been able to provide you with from our files in return has been helpful. If you are a new visitor to this site and are looking to learn more about an individual who served in the Cambridgeshires do please get in contact. If you are in possession of any items, photographs or postcards relating to Cambridgeshire Regiment soldiers we would love to hear from you, every new picture or identified individual is of great help and can lead to further discoveries in other photographs.

Thank you for taking the time to visit out site and helping us remember all those who served with Cambridgeshires.

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Poster for our Ely 2017 event

Vickers and MG08 on display at our event at Cambridge University Library.

This site went live on the 14th February 2015 to mark  100 years since the 1/1st Cambs went off to war.


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